While you probably know that heat and humidity causes frizzy hair, you might not realise that your pillow might be what’s making it look fried as well.

Many people sleep on regular cotton pillowcases, not knowing that cotton, especially those with a low thread count, is actually a very rough fabric that can damage your hair cuticles. As you toss and turn at night, the cotton rubs against your hair, and the friction can lead to split ends, frizziness and even breakage.

Besides hair problems, sleeping with your face on a rougher material can dehydrate your skin and cause wrinkles to form faster. It can also create acne problems, especially if you only change your sheets and pillowcases once in a blue moon.

The solution is easy (and awesome): Silk. Pillowcases. Because silk is smooth and soft, it won’t rub against your hair and skin the way cotton does. It creates less static when you sleep, and not to mention feels rather luxurious too!

Text: Atika Lim/The Singapore Women’s Weekly
Image: Fabiana Ponzi/123RF.com

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