Advertisements for sanitary pads are often made of fluffy pillows, white sheets, pastels and soft toys, but let’s be real – period is not all sweet and fluffy; it can be a real pain in the *ahem* below.

This advertisement from UK brand Bodyform keeps it real by addressing all that and more. The video sees women in everyday situations – doing sports, practising ballet, boxing – and getting bloody. We’re not talking about the red map on your bottom, but real injuries. And if we were to make an allusion, the physical pain they felt represent period cramps, and the blood they shed? Well, the blood that flows out of our vagina.

And like the champs they (and every woman) are, they pushed forward against all odds to accomplish whatever they set out to do. “No blood should hold us back,” the tagline says.

You said it, sista.

Images: YouTube