Even if you’re the sort to whip out an umbrella at the slightest drizzle, you probably still find yourself stepping into the office with gross hair whenever it rains.

A downpour increases humidity and moisture in the atmosphere, which intensifies the bond between the water and proteins in your hair. This is why it gets extra frizzy and curly when there’s a shower.

In addition, rain is often acidic and carries pollutants, damaging our hair even more.

Want to put a stop to this hairy situation? Here are some things you can do to stop the wet weather from raining on your parade.


Blot and blow

Avoid towel-drying your hair as that just unsettles the cuticles and causes more frizz. Blot your hair with a paper towel before blow-drying instead.

Rain-proof it

Use a product that’ll seal the cuticles in and coat your hair with a dehumidifying hairspray before leaving the house.

Dry yourself quickly, even if with a hand dryer

Caught in the rain? The faster your hair goes from wet to dry, the easier it is to control the frizz. It doesn’t matter if you get stares, at least you’ll have beautiful hair again in no time.

No touching

Sweat and heat from your hands can push moisture into your hair shaft and elevate the cuticles, making your hair even frizzier.

Stay away from the brush

Brushing through your hair when it’s already unruly will just make it an even bigger nightmare. If you must detangle it, use your finger or a wide-toothed comb.

Wear a raincoat

No, really. An umbrella keeps your decently dry, but a raincoat or even a rain bonnet will do a far better job at keeping your crowning glory in place.


Image: zoomteam/123RF.com 

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