Two coats of mascara seems to be the magic formula for luscious-looking lashes, but sometimes, it doesn’t seem to be enough. You keep adding more and more layers and the next moment, you get a shock when you see your reflection – where did those spider lashes come from?

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Clumpy lashes is a major beauty faux pas, yet some people still leave the house with them, simply because it takes too much effort to remove the excess mascara and redo your makeup. But celebrity makeup artists Glenn Nutley says that the trick to smoothing and removing clumps from lashes is to gently comb them, from root to tip, while the mascara is still wet. For ultra-sleek lashes, he recommends applying mascara with a small fan brush. Hold your finger behind the lashes to ensure you get an even result.

Zoeva 123 Luxe Fan, $20.50, Sephora

Image: Vitaly Valua /
Text: Hidayah Idris, Rachael Mannell