8 Serums That Will Give You Smooth AF Hair


Keeping frizzy hair smooth and sleek has always been an impossible task without some serious professional help in a humid climate like Singapore. One minute you’re in a room with blazing air-conditioning that dries out your hair (and skin), and the next minute you’re outdoors, exposed to the suffocating humidity and heat. The thing about high humidity is, while it minimises trans-epidermal water loss from our skin, water molecules in the air penetrate hair shaft. And if your hair isn’t healthy and strong, it causes the hair shaft to swell unevenly throughout the length, giving it the wiry appearance that we all associate with frizzy hair.

This also means that to keep frizzy hair at bay and flyaways to a minimum, you must repair and protect your hair by replenishing it with nutrients to keep water molecules from the air from entering the hair shaft in the first place. Next, you should also choose products that smooth hair cuticles: When they lie flat against one another, it becomes harder for water molecules to enter hair shaft. Another benefit? Shine and resilience are also restored so your hair is healthy, glossy and no longer prone to damage. Here, the best smoothing serums that are suitable for all Asian hair types, under $30:

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Text: Joyce Cheo; image: Unsplash


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