You’d probably agree with us that the weather has been unpredictable these few days. Sometimes, it rains but most of the time, it’s just so, so hot.

If you’re not wearing sunblock or sunscreen (which you should), you can probably feel a burning sensation on your skin when you’re out for lunch – yes, it’s that hot.

Sure, you can slather sun protection on your face and body, but what about your hair? Do you leave it vulnerable to the harmful UV rays?

Tsubaki alleviates that worry in a bottle – or two. Their latest launch, Cool Shampoo and Conditioner, are perfect for Singapore’s weather for a few reasons. Digital Writer Hidayah tried out the products and discovered these.

  1. You’ll feel a cooling sensation on your scalp during the wash
    Use them in the morning to perk you up for the day, or at night for the super refreshing feeling that will get you ready for bed. I tried out the products during a hair wash sesh courtesy of Shiseido and like the chart they showed during the presentation before the session, the cooling sensation increased gradually through the shampooing, conditioning and drying stages.

  2. The cooling sensation lingers after you’ve washed it off
    This means you can remain cool-headed even when the weather threatens to make you lose your cool. If you’re blow-drying your hair after washing it, the cooling sensation fades off pretty fast due to the heat from the hair dryer. But that’s no rocket science.

  3. It deep-cleanses your scalp
    In such a hot weather like Singapore’s, don’t be surprised if you find your scalp greasy (or smelly) by the end of the day. Which is why daily shampooing is highly recommended. Although the Tsubaki Cool Shampoo does a great job at stripping off the excess oil, it is gentle enough for daily use, as it contains Camelia Koji S, an ingredient that will leave your hair and scalp moisturised. Definitely a plus point for those with oily scalp (which is probably most Singaporeans, tbh).

  4. It protects your hair from harmful UV rays
    You gotta admit, this is a big deal. You’ve heard of heat protectants, but a shampoo and conditioner that protect your locks from the sun’s rays? Consider us sold. The products contain ingredients that shield your strands from sun damage and repair them from inside out.

  5. It leaves a light, airy feeling
    I used to wonder what a “light and airy feeling” means when people describe their hair. And I finally understood after the hair wash. You know that “shiok” feeling when you feel like you’ve just taken a dump and gotten rid of all the bad stuff from your body? Yep, it’s similar. Your hair feels lighter, which makes you tempted to swish it, especially if you got an awesome blowout or a high ponytail.

  6. Your scalp doesn’t feel oily the next day
    I know, I know, we said you’re supposed to wash your hair every day, but on days when you need to style second-day hair (or when you just don’t have time to wash it), you can perhaps skip shampooing for a day. The good thing about the Tsubaki Cool Shampoo is that it makes your scalp feel refreshed even on the second day. I usually have a greasy scalp when I wear second-day hair, but with this, it feels like I just washed my hair in the morning! 

The press release also says it’s lightly perfumes your hair with floral notes, but honestly, I couldn’t tell if the scent on my hair was due to the shampoo and conditioner, or the Tsubaki Intensive Hair Repair Milk the hairstylist applied on my hair.

Sounds good? But here’s the bad news – the range is a limited edition one. It will go on sale exclusively at Guardian outlets come July 14, but will only be available while stocks last. Which means, you gotta stock up if you love it. Bummer.

The Tsubaki Cool Head Spa Set (one bottle of shampoo, one bottle of conditioner) will retail for $29.90.