Getting a haircut is a big deal, regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man. A bad haircut can make some girls cry and have guys wearing a cap for months. For something so important, surely having your partner with you can make the experience less stressful?

But we understand that some guys may not like going to the fancy salon you enjoy visiting, so why not concede once in a blue moon by taking your man to a barber? Well, not just any barber but one where you can also have your hair cut and treated too.

The LA Barbershop is a concept salon that looks like a typical English barbershop (or a more atas version of the neighbourhood barbershops) and not only offers barber services such as haircuts and shaving, but also caters to female customers by providing hair treatment services.

The salon has two sides, the barbershop-style interior, and the modern salon-style décor.
For a different experience, we suggest going to the barber side, which has a cool hidden sink! But more on that later.

If your bae is wondering if LA Barbershop is a legit barber that guys go to or just another gimmicky ladies’ salon, we’ll have him know that when I was there, I was flanked by two male customers during my few hours spent there.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I wasn’t there for a date so I had no one with me but the public relations executive and the staff.

When the hairstylist asked what I wanted, I went for my standard answer: a trim. She did the cut and shampoo at the front area (where I was flanked by the guys), but when it came to the rinse and treatment, she brought me to a more private area at the back. She told me that hair treatments for ladies are usually done in that private corner (there’s only one seat there, unfortunately), but you can also do it in the front area. So if you’re coming with your partner, you can enjoy your hair treatment beside him while he has his hair cut or beard trimmed.

One of the major highlights was the hidden sink — just like how old barbershops had sinks in front of the chair, just below the mirror, the LA Barbershop has a similar concept. Only, the sink is hidden and is pulled out like a drawer. So high-tech. You can be impressed with your bae when you visit the salon.

I didn’t get a video of the sink being pulled out, but here’s one of the automatic reclining chair.

While I liked the haircut (she did snip off more than she said she would, but no complaints because the amount of split ends I have is astounding), I wasn’t very impressed by the fact that I had to lie down and perch my neck on the hard neck support throughout the duration of the treatment. If you’re doing it out front, just bear in mind that you’d have to lie down in full view of everyone.

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They did have a fancy machine, which they imported from Japan, which was used during the treatment. The hairstylist told me that this would help the products they applied, which was a blend of natural ingredients, penetrate deeper into my hair.


While my hair became softer and easy to comb through after treatment, the hairstylist used A LOT of hairspray afterwards, which left my hair feeling tacky instead of smooth after styling. You might want to ask them to lay off the hairspray when you visit. Still, I was pretty impressed with the results.


If you’re heading here with bae, we’d suggest opting for just a haircut so he doesn’t have to wait for you too long, since they don’t offer hair treatments for guys. And if you have longer hair that requires more styling, he might even have time to do a shave while waiting for your hair to be blow-dried! Definitely a different kind of date that you might enjoy!

Update: LA Barbershop has ceased all hair treatments. However, female customers can still enjoy head and neck massages and ear cleaning services.