The year-end festivities are fast approaching (or might have even started). You might have found your perfect party dress, but why not complement that with great nails? Here are some great salons in the heartlands that offer classic manicure services for less than $30. Plus, they also got great ratings on Vaniday!

The Essential Beauty App

If you’re not familiar with Vaniday, it’s an app that allows you to book beauty services easily with just a few taps on your phone. You can even filter salons based on location, price and more! Want a facial near Clarke Quay? It’ll suggest Facia Ginza Singapore. Prefer something in Orchard Road? Privé Aesthetics – Palais Renaissance might come up in your search. Want to pamper yourself by getting your nails done at an atas place? The app might suggest Nailgasm.

Special Perks for Members

Vaniday also has special deals from time to time, such as the upcoming Vanisleigh, which gives you amazing deals of up to 60 percent off. It runs from December 17 to 24, so it’s just in time for you to get your Christmas nails done! After your visit, you can leave a rating on the app (which means the ratings are legit!).

Vaniday also throws special events like the annual offline event Vanislay (which you might have seen on our Instagram stories!), where members are treated to hairstyling sessions, tinsel hair extensions, manicures, makeup demonstrations and more.


CEO Saurabh Chauhan said, “Vaniday, thanks to its over 800 salon partners and 50,000 loyal customers, has tripled its business this year and we enter 2019 with even bigger ambitions.”

Are you sold yet? Now scroll through the gallery to find out the best salons to get your nails done for less than $30!