This Singaporean Burlesque Performer Shares Makeup And Confidence Tips

CLEO Sukki Singapora makeup and confidence

Singapore’s first international burlesque performer, Sukki Singapora, is not only well-known for her electrifying performances, but also for her views on freedom of expression for women in socially restrictive countries.

So much so that she’s not only been invited for tea at the Buckingham Palace, but in 2016 was also shortlisted for the United Nations Singapore Committee’s HeForShe Awards.

She’s got several other impressive accomplishments under her belt, and right now is also the Global Ambassador for a UK-based charity which provides support for vulnerable women.

Now that you know how amazing she is, let’s go back to the fun stuff: the 28-year-old recently teamed up with LASplash Cosmetics to create a collection of six lipsticks — three mattes and three glosses.

And as a burlesque performer (one on the world stage at that), she definitely knows a few things about makeup and confidence. We talk to Sukki about her new lipstick range, her fave makeup tips and how to conquer as a woman.

CLEO Sukki Singapora makeup and confidence

How did you decide on the shades in your collection? 

Deciding on the shades was the easy part. It was getting them exactly perfect that took the time! In fact, it took about a year.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to bring glitters into lipsticks in a way that I’d never seen before. Yes, there already were glitter lipsticks out there, but nothing was quite glittery enough, and certainly not a strong glitter matte.

So that was the inspiration behind the shades Burlesque Babe and Cupcake Dream. And for my signature Sukki red, it was more about wanting a shade that complements all skin tones.

Are there any special tips on how these lipsticks should be worn?

They should be worn with confidence! Whether you’re going for an everyday shade, or a more daring shade such as Desi Queen, I’d like to think that they’ll [help you bring out] your inner showgirl.

It’s impossible not to smile when you put the lipsticks on because they smell so good. And I think smiling really is the key to projecting your inner beauty.

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