Christmas is coming and you know what that means – a shopping list of gifts for your family and friends, and perhaps colleagues too.

While we love the festive season, it’s also the time of the year when we hear our wallets crying. But here’s the thing – you don’t have to blow your whole salary on a gift for your BFF to make her happy. What matters most are practicality and quality – and you can get good quality gifts at affordable prices. Not convinced? Try Korean beauty brand The Orchid Skin.

Boasting a wide range of beauty products, from skincare to makeup, the brand infuses its product with antioxidant-rich and moisturising orchid extract to give you great skin. Orchid extract is known for its soothing properties, and the best thing yet, the Korean brand harnesses the beauty benefits of a wide range of orchids!

If you’re into cute characters and pretty packaging, you’ll love the Princess range. The products are adorned with the visage of three characters that look like something out of a manhwa (Korean comic). And because you might have problems deciding which characters (and hence products) to get because they’re equally pretty, you’ll be happy to know there’s a Christmas set of five hand creams that retails for the price of four.

Christmas Gift Pack (set of containing five Orchid Flower Hand Creams), $30 (U.P. $37.50)

Each set contains one Whitening Bbo Yan Hand Cream, one Wrinkle Taeng Taeng Hand Cream, one Yovely Pig Hand Cream and two Moisture Tok Tok Hand Creams. Each type of hand cream fulfils a specific need, from hydration to brightening, and is packed with little vitamin capsules that dissolve as you apply the hand cream. Our fave? The Moisture Tok Tok Cream, which melts into ultra-moisturising water droplets as you rub it into your skin.

Plus, a hand cream always makes for a safe Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, so this hand cream set should be at the top of your shopping list!

And because you can never have enough beauty products (especially if they come in adorable packaging), we’ve rounded up nine other super cute products from The Orchid Skin to pamper your friends (or yourself) with.

The Orchid Skin is available at, and

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