When it comes to the beauty world, new products are appearing even faster than your mascara expires (three months, in case you didn’t know). Here are some of the latest skin-loving thingamajigs you need to say hi to in order to stay relevant and keep your skin in tip-top condition.

  1. Microdermabrasions
    Think of it as your skin being polished to get rid of dead skin cells for a vibrant glow. It reduces mild acne scarring, smoothens fine wrinkles, evens out skin tone and exfoliates clogged pores. This is best for people will dull or leathery skin, or those with mild pigmentation problems.
  2. Peels
    Peeling is a chemical process that rejuvenates the skin so you can really go bare-faced. It improves the texture of sun-damaged skin, minimises fine lines and softens deep wrinkles. It works wonders for ageing skin, but you can also get a peel if you just want a clean slate.

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  1. Facial oils
    While some may get intimidated by the idea of adding more oil on their skin, facial oils are actually pretty darn effective for most skin types. They are easily absorbed by your skin, which means you won’t get a greasy feeling after application. When used correctly, they can help with skin conditions like dryness, scarring and inflammation.
  2. Ampoules
    Ampoules may sound rather unfamiliar now, but it’ll probably be the next big thing in the beauty world soon. These elixirs are high-concentrated and they give your skin a boost of nutrients and hydration via fine molecules. A little goes a long way with ampoules, so just two to three drops a day can give you results.

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Image: Vitaly Valua / 123RF.com
Text: Saarah Jasmine and Liu Kai Ying