We learn something new about cosmetics every day, be it makeup tips or new innovations that can cut down the time we take to get ready. But here are a few facts about makeup that you might not know—and could possibly make your hair stand on end.

1. Fish scales may be found in your makeup products
Love the shimmery finish of your eyeshadow or blusher? Those pigments might have been made from fish scales. Some brands use the scales of rainbowfish to create those shimmery pigments in your makeup, including lipstick.

2. Crushed beetles may be on your nails right now
If you’re a fan of iridescent and metallic nail colours, you might have a part of female beetles on you. PETA released a list, stating that a few brands use a pigment produced from crushed female beetles to create the shine on the nail polish.

3. Lipstick was associated with witchcraft
In 1770, the British government imposed a law banning lipsticks as it was looked upon to be a seductive tool to lure men into marriages, a crime which was punishable as witchcraft.

4. Tanning was made popular by Coco Chanel
Before the 1920s, porcelain skin was favoured—some women even went to the extent of allowing a leech to suck their blood to drain colour from their face. However, after Coco Chanel accidentally got sunburnt on a cruise (#truestory), the look sprung into popularity, kicking off a sunbathing trend as well.

5. Being hairless wasn’t always attractive
Shaven, hairless pits weren’t always viewed as attractive or hygienic until 1915, when Harper’s Bazaar featured a model with hairless underarms in a sleeveless evening gown in one of the advertisements. It sparked off a trend for shaving which in turn, lead to the popularity of waxing and laser removal in recent years.

6. Leeches were used to colour hair
Before hair dyes were created, the women in ancient Rome had to resort to using those creepy crawlies (soaked in vinegar for two months) to colour their hair black. Bless the person who created hair dye.

Images: marrakeshh / 123RF.com, Dmytro Sukharevskyy / 123RF.com