Hi-shine is not just a fashion trend, but also the very adjective that describes our mid-day face. It’s slick with oil. Our friends even joke that if the weather is hot enough, they could probably fry an egg on our face. #notfunny

But all is not lost. Here are six tips to keep the oil at bay.

1. Use a mild soap
Yes, we know you like that feeling of the oil being removed from your face but harsh cleansers that strip the natural oil off your mien does more harm than good. To compensate for the loss, your skin will produce more oil, so you’re essentially trapped in a vicious circle.

2. Opt for alcohol-free products
Alcohol is drying to the skin, so as far as possible, steer clear of products that contain alcohol for the very same reason as above. There are quite a number of alcohol-free toners in the market, but if you can’t find any, why not use a facial spray or mist as a toner instead?

3. Go for oil-free moisturisers
You want to hydrate your skin—which means increase the hydration (water) level in your skin—not make it oilier. Hence, avoid rich moisturisers as they will not only make your skin oilier, but might also mead to a breakout.

4. Exfoliate regularly
Oily skin usually comes with enlarged pores (ugh) which are prone to being clogged. Hence, it’s important to exfoliate regularly to get rid of the gunk to prevent a breakout. Some dermatologists recommend those infused with salicylic acid which exfoliates beyond the surface to remove buildup in the pore lining.

5. Blot your face
Blotting your face will not make your skin produce more oil because you’re not really stripping the oil completely as harsh cleansers do. While oil blotters are the go-to choice, you can also remove excess oil with tissue paper. This works better than oil blotters if you have makeup on, as it prevents your makeup from becoming streaky.

6. Don’t dry your skin out
Having oily skin is annoying and we know you will pull out all stops to get rid of the oil, but don’t overdo it! The worse thing than having oily skin is having oily and dehydrated skin. This means your skin is dry on the surface but oily underneath (yes, it happens).

Images: Inspirestock International (Exclusive Contributor) / 123RF.com, TPG/Click Photos