We daresay that cleansing is your first step to clear skin. Using a gentle cleanser in the morning helps remove any dead skin and impurities purged by the skin while it rejuvenates itself at night.

At the end of the day, use a more potent cleanser to remove makeup, dust and pollution that settles on the skin. Done right, a good cleansing routine goes a long way in keeping breakouts at bay. But too much of a good thing can also be bad for the skin.

How much is too much?

If you wear makeup or sunscreen, it’s important to double cleanse at night. Similarly, a gentle cleanse in the morning is a good way to kick-start your morning skincare routine. And, if you workout, or play a sport, it’s important to cleanse right after to prevent blocked pores. The key is to make sure you use gentle makeup removers and cleansers that do not strip your skin of its natural oils. More importantly, you need to remember that even if you were using gentle formulas, cleansing more than twice a day can be too harsh on the skin.

How can you tell if you’re over-cleansing?

If your skin starts feeling tight and stretched, or if you notice any flakiness, redness or itch, you could be cleansing your skin too often or using products that are too harsh for your skin type. Over-cleansing compromises the skin’s natural barrier and makes it sensitised and prone to breakouts.

Here are our picks of cleansers that are as gentle as they effective.

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