This is not the first time you’ll hear me talk about hydration and moisturisation, neither will it be the last. Why do I harp on this topic so often? Fact is, it’s one of the most basic of skincare (and most often taken for granted) that you need to think about. When your skin is parched or dehydrated, all the skin problems start to surface — dullness, flakiness, itch, lines and wrinkles. Many women think that just because they have good skin or oily skin they don’t need moisturisers. For those of you who have not tried it, you’ll probably not like the feeling of slathering on a layer of something on your skin. With our incredibly hot and humid weather, I can guess you’ll probably hate the feeling of that something even more. So what to do? I suggest going for lighter or more fluid textures like emulsions or gels. They disappear into the skin the moment you apply them so do give these a try.

Text: Cynthia Chew
Image: My Make OU /