Do you see residual makeup on the towel whenever you dry your skin after washing your face? This could mean you’re either not cleansing properly, or the cleanser you are using is not the best at removing tough products like waterproof makeup or even sunscreen. Cleansing is the basic step in any skincare routine and if it is not done properly, even the best serums and creams will not be able to work their magic on your skin.

Oil cleansers are the most effective in removing makeup and any impurities from your skin. They will help in dissolving any waterproof makeup. Just take two to three pumps of the cleansing oil and gently massage the oil all over your dry face. Then, wet your hands and massage your skin again to emulsify the oil. Finally, wash your face and continue your routine with your usual cleanser. Check out some of the best oil cleansers we have rounded up for you.

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Image: Unsplash
Text: Arissa Ha / Women’s Weekly / October 2019