If you haven’t caught on the bubble mask trend, here’s what you need to know: Everyone is doing it not only because it’s purportedly effective, but also because the process is totally Insta-worthy. Which is why, at some point of time, Twitter was flooded with photos of everyone having a “bubble mask face”.

So what exactly is bubble mask? In a way, it’s similar to your foaming cleansers that lathers up into a thick foam upon massaging. And similarly, the suds clear your pores by picking up the oil and dirt, and sloughing them off your skin. This is why most vloggers claimed that their skin feels smooth and has a glow after the wash off the mask.

While Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask made bubble masks go viral, more brands are now jumping on the bandwagon and releasing their own versions before the bubble pops. Here are a few you can consider trying.

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Image: YouTube