This treatment begins with a head massage before a deep-cleansing stage that uses a Derma-Infuser machine to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. It’s then time to rejuvenate your skin. A customised intensive serum that’s packed with antioxidants to strengthen your skin and fight free radicals is delivered deep into the skin via an ultrasonic device. Finally, a nourishing Therapeutic Mask is applied. You’ll leave with your skin looking brighter, clearer and smoother.

drx medispa face skin treatment spa

DRx Medispa Essential Facial Plus, $268 for 90 minutes

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drx medispa face skin treatment spa

DRx Medispa Premier Acne Treatment, $236 for 90 minutes

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, consider DRx Medispa Premier Acne Treatment, which starts with a Deep Cleansing treatment to unclog pores of oil and dirt. Then, Pulsed Light Therapy destroys acne-causing bacteria before an AHA peel is applied to reveal smooth skin.

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A DRx special, as seen in CLEO February 2017 issue.