When your skin is dehydrated, it overcompensates by producing more sebum than necessary, leaving a shine on your skin. To combat that, CNP Laboratory is full of active ingredients that deliver hydration to the deep layers of your skin and helps regulate oil production. It also contains vitamin E to soothe and repair inflamed skin, and vitamin B3 to combat pigmentation and acne. There’s also CNP Blemish Complex to retain skin’s flexibility and CNP Anti-Irritant Complex to keep your skin from getting over-stimulated. With continued use, your skin stays matte for longer, and is strengthened and soothed.


CNP Laboratory A-Clean Anti-Blemish Calming Cream, $68

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cnp laboratory a-clean purifying foaming cleanser

CNP Laboratory A-Clean Purifying Foaming Cleanser, $38.70

It’s vital to cleanse your face thoroughly if you suffer from oily skin. CNP Laboratory A-Clean Purifying Foaming Cleanser has salicylic acid to deeply cleanse your pores of dead skin cells and excess oil, while amino acids help to maintain a healthy skin pH level. Panthenol enhances the hydration levels of your skin, and plant extracts soothe it.

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A CNP Laboratory special, as seen in CLEO February 2017 issue.