We all know that good makeup starts with good skincare. When your skin needs a hydration boost, try Clear Turn Babyish Moisturizing Mask. Five minutes is all it takes for this best-selling Japanese drugstore sheet mask to work its magic. The main ingredient in this mask is hyaluronic acid, which soothes and hydrates parched skin. There’s also trehalose, an ingredient that helps your skin to retain its natural moisture.

Feeling sensitive? Don’t worry, there’s also chamomile and baby mint in the formula to soothe and relieve your skin. For best results, use this as the first step in your makeup routine. The mask will hydrate and prime your skin, allowing makeup to sit and blend better so you can confidently put your best face forward.

Clear Turn Babyish Moisturizing Mask, $6.90 (7pcs)

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Softymo Cleansing Foam Hyaluronic Acid, $10.90  

Give dry skin a little extra love with this cleansing foam. This multifunction cleanser not only removes impurities from your skin, but is also enriched with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin firm, supple and moisturised. No wonder it also won the Best Cleansing Foam for Dry Skin title in CLEO’s Clear Skin Awards 2018!