Growing up, I struggled with acne.

It took me years to find the right products, techniques and knowledge to clear up my skin. There were a lot of trial-and-errors involved, more stress than my skin would like to have gone through, and a lot of hours spent scouring the internet for tips that actually work.

I know how painful it can get—on one hand, you’re fighting a constant battle with breakouts, and on the other, all the information can get overwhelming. Which is why the CLEO team has put together this Clear Skin guide just for you.

Want to get the gunk out of your pores for clearer skin? Need to control your breakouts? Or do you want to read stories about real girls who have learnt to embrace how their skin looks, blemishes and all? We hear you.

We understand that everyone has different definitions of clear skin. To some, it could be about getting that glow you see on celebrities who are walking the red carpet. To others, it might be something as simple as not getting a new pimple every day.

My skin is currently not flawless AF; I have acne scars and am in constant battle against clogged pores, but I’m OK with how my skin looks—texture and all. I’m just glad that I no longer have to fight teenage and adult acne. I’ve learnt that what matters most is I have skin that I’m happy with.

And it’s with this in mind that we put forth our Clear Skin digital issue. Throughout the month of February, we’ll be updating our digital issue regularly with articles that are specially curated and written to help you in your journey to getting the skin you are happy with.

So whether you’re hoping to achieve skin that can rival that of a Korean celebrity with a personal dermatologist at her beck and call, or want to get tips on how to improve your skin condition, we hope these tips and product recommendations can help.

Of course, this issue is not complete without our annual Clear Skin Awards. This year, we road-tested hundreds of products across various skin types and functions to bring you the best of the best in skincare.

Click here to see the winners.


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