I have acne-prone skin that is also sensitive. In other words, a lot of things can trigger inflammation and/or a breakout.

Ingredients that don’t agree with my skin in a product? Blackheads and clogged pores will make their grand entrance.

Oil glands going into overdrive? The pimples will drop by to say hi—and possibly stay for a long time.

And if I reach for a product that’s formulated with harsher ingredients? My skin gets red faster than I can say “Oops, wrong product.”

It took me some time (OK, fine, almost 15 years) to find the perfect combination of products that works for my skin—and the search hadn’t been easy. At times, my oily skin ended up dehydrated and even more prone to breakouts.

So when I was told that there was a product that can keep my face blemish-free and doesn’t dry my skin out, my reaction is, “Sure or not?” After all, in all my years of searching, I hadn’t found any that married the two worlds.

But after using RE:ERTH’s Blemish Control, $80, which is the winner for Best Keep-Skin-Clear Serum for Acne-prone Skin in this year’s Clear Skin Awards, I was suitably impressed.


The Product

As I have sensitive skin, I tried the product on a small area first to make sure it wouldn’t trigger anything: I applied the lightweight gel on an inflamed clogged pore on my cheek that looked like it was two days away from turning into a pimple.

If you’re wondering whether it’s a regular occurrence for me to get clogged pores, the answer is yes, because 1) I have large pores, 2) I have oily skin and 3) I have a lot of tiny hairs on my face, which means my hair follicles are prone to getting clogged.

I regularly exfoliate and use a cleansing brush but if I were to use a product that’s too rich or am lax with cleansing, I would see at least one inflamed clog on the same day. When that happens, I would apply an acne patch to suck up all the oil and pray for the plug to dislodge as I exfoliate.

When I was trying the Blemish Control, I applied it to the clog at night. It left a cooling sensation, which can help soothe my inflamed skin.

I also liked that the bottle comes with a hidden nozzle that can be twisted out, which means it doesn’t get exposed to their air/environment even if you left the bottle out in the open on your vanity table. One pump goes a long way, so if you’re planning to use it only on small areas, don’t dispense too much product out!


The directions on the box said to apply the gel on affected areas or the whole face, so I decided to slather it on my jawline too, where I was prone to getting clogged pores. I had a few existing clogs and wanted to see if this would help my situation.

When I woke up the next day, my inflamed clogged pore was visibly smaller, no longer inflamed and turned into an easily-extractable plug. The clogged pores on my jawline were easy to extract too.

Tried And Tested

Impressed, I decided to slather on more product on my jawline. I also applied the gel to the inflamed clogged pore for a few days before extracting the plug to make sure I don’t aggravate the inflammation or injure the skin.

Over the next few days, I noticed a few more clogged pores on my jawline and moaned to Beauty Editor Smita about it. But she brought up a point: it could be purging all the embedded clogs in my skin.

I tested her theory and continued using the product for a few days and I’m proud to say I have fewer clogged pores. More importantly, my skin didn’t feel tight or dehydrated, which is something I regularly encounter with normal acne-controlling serums.

It was then time to take the test to the next level: I decided to extract the blackheads on my nose myself (not advisable but also, Your Life, Your Rules), and since this contains Lysozymes, which kills bacteria, I slathered it generously on my nose after extraction to prevent an infection that could lead to pimples.

I’m happy to report that unlike other times when I did self-extraction, my nose has remained pimple-free. I also noticed that the area became less red after a few hours (usually the redness persists overnight), and I reckon this is thanks to the anti-inflammatory colostrum in the gel.

So, true to its claims, the product indeed kept my face blemish-free without drying out my skin, unlike some of the other over-the-counter topical treatments that I’ve tried.

It also contains water-soluble Vitamin A to reduce pigmentation or age spots and make skin appear smoother. I have to admit, I haven’t used this product long enough to notice the difference but if you tell me a product can reduce my chances of getting pigmentation, I’ll take it.

I also liked that this product doesn’t contain fragrances, which can potentially trigger my sensitive skin. And being an animal lover and a “woke millennial”, the “cruelty-free” label left me impressed.

This is said to be suitable for all skin types, but as usual, do a patch test before you start slathering it all over your face.

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