When I heard that IDS Aesthetics was launching a membership program that allowed you to get unlimited facials, I was a bit skeptical. How many facials can you get before the results hit a plateau? But it piqued my interestI wanted to see if getting a lot of facials would actually make my skin better or worse, because sometimes even too much of a good thing can be bad. 

First, a little bit about the #IDServe Unlimited membership packages.

  • There are three packages you can choose from.
  • Depending on the package you choose, you get to enjoy benefits such as 15 per cent off IDS’ skincare products each month, complimentary trials for new treatments and a complimentary laser procedure, among other discounts. 
  • All treatments are done at Robinsons The Hereen.

Think of it as the gym for your face. In the same way that you have a trainer or instructor to tailor an exercise programme for you at the gym, the therapists will pick out treatments based on your skin condition each time you visit. I committed to six weekly sessions, and here’s how they went.   

Week 1

Having just returned from a holiday where I consistently reapplied sunscreen and probably didn’t cleanse as well as I should have, my skin was bumpy from clogged pores. Also, I had mistakenly eaten some cheese in a sandwichand dairy triggers my acneso I had a few breakouts as well. Given the condition of my skin, I was definitely in need of a facial.

Before (left) and after (right) pictures from my first session.

After the therapist analysed my skin, she suggested that I went for the Hydro Therapeutics. This treatment purportedly makes your skin look brighter and clearer. It also targets blackheads and clogged pores, as it includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. The treatment is topped off with an ampoule of vitamin C, and a mask, which is chosen based on your skin type or condition.

After the treatment, my skin felt “clean”, smoother and my breakouts subsided. I like that the therapist was well trained enough to know when to extract and when to leave a pimple alone.

Week 2

I have dry skin and treatments that are targeted towards clear skin can sometimes dry out my skin. So when I went in for my next appointment, I had a chat with the therapist and told her about my skin condition. But since I still had some clogged pores and breakouts, she suggested that I got the Hydro Therapeutics Treatment again. Although they applied a hydrating mask at the end of the facial, my skin still felt dry and tight.

In hindsight, I reckon she chose this treatment for me to clear out all the gunk before we could move on to more hydrating treatments. But since I cannot stand my face looking or feeling dry, I went home, threw on a sheet mask and slathered my face in oil.

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Week 3

When I went in for my appointment the week after, my skin analysis showed the absence of clogged pores or breakouts—which meant I could get a hydrating treatment (finally!). So the therapist picked the Cryo Therapeutics Treatment, a gentle treatment that helps soothe, brighten and calm skin, for me. 

Before (left) and after (right) pictures from my third session.

This treatment also starts with cleansing and exfoliation, which are then followed by a serum that is massaged into the skin with a CryoProbe, a cold device that helps the serum better penetrate into the skin. After that, a sheet mask soaked in another serum is placed over my serum-infused skin and once again, the CryoProbe is used to aid penetration.

Though best suited for those with hypersensitivity, this treatment also works to hydrate skin and strengthen it with the vitamins. My skin felt much better after this treatment. There was no more tightness or discomfort and it looked brighter and even-toned. I also found that the marks from my breakouts were lighter.

Week 4  

Before (left) and after (right) pictures from my fourth session.

After three weeks of treatments, my skin looked good. There were almost no clogged pores and since my diet had been fairly dairy-free, I didn’t have any breakouts. So during my fourth treatment, we decided to do the Cryo Therapeutics Treatment as a “maintenance treatment” and also to make sure my skin got its shot of intense hydration.

Week 5

With no significant changes to my skin—in a good way—we decided to try something new: the Instant Power Lift & Glow treatment. This treatment is great if you want a V-shaped face or just want a more angular jaw for an upcoming event. 

Before (left) and after (right) pictures from my fifth session.

However, note that there are no extractions for this treatment. Instead, the focus is on lifting using lifting and brightening ampoules, oxygen infusion and electric probe. After the treatment, my jawline looks slightly slimmer, but I think it would take a few more sessions to see any significant results. 

Week 6

I went for my last treatment just five days after the previous one. The general rule of thumb is that you should have at least seven days between treatments, but since I would be travelling after that, I called to check if I could go for the treatment. I was told that it wasn’t a problem since my previous treatment wasn’t too intensive. 

Before (left) and after (right) pictures from my sixth session. Can you tell I am not wearing any makeup other than lipstick?

This was my last treatment and I wanted it to count, so we picked the Cryo Therapeutics Treatment because I wanted one last shot of intense hydration combined with the cooling effects of cryotherapy. And my skin felt so good after.

Was it worth my time?

Getting a facial every week sounds like the most shiok thing ever. And it is—if you have the time. As deadlines loomed and projects piled up, I found myself scrambling to find time to make it to appointments. And while there, I was constantly doing work on my phone.

What made it easy, though, was that it was incredibly easy to make an appointment. All I had to do was call, and someone would always answer the phone. Plus, the facials were at Robinsons The Heeren, which is easily accessible by bus, MRT and Grab.

I must point out that these are more like medi-spa treatments, rather than traditional facials that include a facial, back or neck massage. The focus is completely on the skin here and most treatments are done within an hour which means you can come even during your lunch break. 

Did it help my skin?

Would do it again? Most definitely, yes. To use the gym analogy again, if I paid for a class, I would go for it. And this was similar. It may come as a surprise, but even though I am fully aware of the benefits of a facial, I will only make time to go for one when my skin gets really clogged or I have a lot of breakouts. Committing to these treatments ensured I would take care of my skin.

And it paid off. After six weeks, my skin was brighter, more even toned, marks form breakouts were much lighter. I even went out without makeup one day. The days that I did wear makeup, my foundation glided on and didn’t cling to any dry patches.

During the six weeks when I was getting my weekly facials, I managed to cut down on time spent on exfoliation and masking at home. That left me with more time to do other stuff like watching Netflix reading.

Now that my six sessions are over, I am trying to prolong the results of the facial by making sure I cleanse thoroughly and exfoliate regularly to keep clogged pores at bay. I also make time to mask, so that I can somewhat maintain that post-facial glow.