If you’ve been following the news about COVID-19, the coronavirus that’s affecting the world including Singapore, you’d probably know that you’re supposed to wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitisers in-between if you don’t have access to soap and water. Practicing good hygiene can help reduce your chances of getting infected via contact transmission.

If you’ve been stocking up on isopropyl alcohol to disinfect your hands, and have been washing your hands with soap and water for the recommended 20 seconds, you’d probably notice that your hands are starting to feel dry. But that doesn’t mean you should stop using hand sanitisers or washing your hands. Instead opt for santisers and soaps with moisturising formulas that are gentler on your hands. You could also slather on hydrating hand creams after you’ve disinfected your hands to make sure they don’t get dry to start peeling. Here are a few hand creams you might like.

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