Wondering what are the latest and hottest trends for K-Beauty? We got a glimpse into upcoming trends when Amorepacific took us to their latest conference in Jakarta.

In the past, you need to be familiar with Korean culture or pop culture to know K-Beauty. Now, the industry has grown so much that even those who don’t know anything about K-dramas or K-pop are into K-Beauty. And one of the main drivers of that is Korean beauty company, Amorepacific, which is home to top brands such as Hera, Laneige, Sulwhasoo and innisfree.

Robin Na, Amorepacific’s Managing Director, APAC, cited the example of a cushion—one of the company’s most popular innovations—to explain one of the fundamentals of K-Beauty, which is “one product delivers different effects”.

Robin says that the brands will continue to deliver a value-for-money approach through products that are not only price competitive, but also has different uses.

Amorepacific might have pioneered the technologies behind the cushion and sleeping mask, but they are not done yet.

Kate Kwon, Director of Amorepacific Brand Science Lab, reveals that the company is constantly doing research and studies to better their products.

Next up, they’re looking to have products that address environmental concerns, such as pollution. Kate revealed that the brand has been conducting research and dermatological studies related to anti-pollution and micro-organisms, and that the results of the studies will be used to formulate new products and formulae across the brands.

Another plan in the pipelines for Amorepacific is halal certification. The company revealed their plans to apply for halal certification for their products in Malaysia and Indonesia. “Eleven kinds of products including Mamonde’s Ceramide Cream have been halal-certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)—and we will continue to expand the scope of Halal certification,” says Kate.

What’s Next For K-Beauty Skincare

You might have heard of the famous 10-step regime, and if you’re wondering if all those innovations would lead to additional steps, the short answer is no. Kate says, “Rather than increasing the scope of skincare or number of steps, millennial customers are more interested in choosing products with different efficacies. One day, she wants one product with a certain efficacy, and another day, she wants another product with different efficacy. So rather than having more steps, they will have options to choose from different products for specific steps.”

In fact, we’ve gotten a peek of this in their current offerings. For example, instead of the usual toner, one can opt for Laneige’s Cream Skin Refiner, which not only tones, but also moisturises the skin. The company has also introduced boosting essence to improve the absorption of active ingredients and hence boost the effects of subsequent skincare products through products such as Hera’s Cell Essence and Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum EX.

Interested to find out K-Beauty trends for makeup? Scroll through the gallery to read tips given by Amorepacific’s Chief Makeup Artist, Jason Lee.

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