We often look to celebs’ skincare routines to glean some insight into how we too can have clear, smooth, glowing skin on the daily. But as it turns out, celebs are just like us and can sometimes get even the most basic skincare step—cleansing—all wrong.

It’s the simplest skincare step and therefore impossible to mess up, right? You wash, rinse and that’s it. Cleansing is actually incredibly important because it sets the stage for the rest of our skincare routines.   

But it seems like some celebs didn’t get the memo. Millie Bobby Brown who launched her vegan skincare makeup line, Florence by Mills, recently posted a video of her PM skincare routine where she first mists her face and then proceeds to use her Get The Grime scrub. She says she is really excited to use it “because I do still feel some of the makeup on.” She then follows this with the Clean Magic Face Wash.

Sis, we adore you. And we are even willing to sit through three seasons of Stranger Things just for you. But a mist is not going to remove your makeup.

And so, like the helpful people we are, we’ve got some tips on how to cleanse your face the right way below. 

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1: Make sure all the makeup is off

Most makeup is formulated to stay on your face, which is why, when it comes to waterproof sunscreen or smudge-proof eyeliner, a regular cleanser won’t do the trick. You need a proper makeup remover to do the job, and luckily there are plenty to choose from. Some people prefer the micellar-water-and-cotton-pad combo, while others like cleansing oils. Whichever one you like, just make sure you get all your makeup off. If, like Kylie Jenner, you see makeup on your towel even after cleansing, you’re not cleansing thoroughly enough. Which brings us to our second point. 

2: It’s OK to double cleanse

Now that your skin is nice and makeup-free, it’s good to wash your actual skin. Dead skin, clogged pores, these are all things a second cleanse can help to clear. Double cleansing does not mean exfoliating – choose something gentle, like a soft foaming cleanser or even a gel cleanser to refresh your skin before the rest of your routine. Your everyday routine does not require a scrub, or anything with micro-beads or *shudder* tiny pieces of walnut.

3: Your day and night cleansing routine don’t have to be the same

Just like your day and night moisturising routines are different, you don’t need to repeat the same cleansing steps in the morning and at night. Double cleansing isn’t necessary just after you get out of bed. In fact, if you have dry skin, you might want to skip the A.M. cleanse. Just wash your face with water and pat dry before continuing with the rest of your morning routine. It’s healthy to let some of your natural oils be on your skin, especially if you have a weak skin barrier.

4: Yes, exfoliate once a week

Our skin is a living organism. It changes and renews itself all the time. That means that dead skin cells do accumulate on the skin. And if we don’t help to get rid of it, our skin can end up looking greyish or dull. Chemical exfoliants can be really effective and are not as scary as they sound—they’re usually derived from lactic acid, glycolic acid or fruit enzymes. But if you just love that scrubby feeling (it’s shiok, we know), skip anything with micro-beads and go for a soft natural clay, or powder scrub. These will get rid of dead skin cells without harming your skin (or the environment).

5: Try a cleansing device

You can also level up your scrub game with a cleansing device for a proper deep clean. Just remember to keep your cleansing device clean and dry when you’re not using it, otherwise it just becomes a breeding ground for bacteria! 

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