Here’s the hard truth about skincare: your regime might have given you fabulous skin when you first started years ago, but you might have noticed that the effect has tapered off.

This is because, like all things, your skin has changed over time. Hence, the same products may no longer be as effective as they were years ago. That doesn’t mean you need a skincare overhaul, but a booster to make sure those products work as hard as they did in the past.


Boosters come in many forms – you could add a daily mask for an intensive dose of moisture; a treatment for more targeted issues such as dark spots; or a scrub or exfoliator to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and impurities, which can act as a barrier that prevents your other skincare products from penetrating into your skin.

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If you’re into daily exfoliation or have sensitive skin, pick a product that’s gentle enough for everyday use but still does the job, like CNP Laboratory’s Invisible Peeling Booster. It contains the antioxidant-packed cordyceps, as well as 10% PHA to gently exfoliate your skin, so it can drink up all the benefits of your serum, ampoule and moisturiser. This non-rinse exfoliator also doubles as a toner, which makes it a great time-saving hack when you’re in a morning rush.

CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster is available at Guardian and CNP Laboratory’s online store. Want to try the Invisible Peeling Booster? Click here to redeem a sample.

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