If you’re one of the millions of people who watch her videos, or you’ve seen the cover of CLEO’s July issue, you’ll know that K-beauty vlogger SSIN’s skin is ?. Actually, it’s more like 110. So naturally we demanded (/asked very nicely) she tell us what her beauty routine was. And made her reveal all her other best beauty tips, advice and best shopping spots while she was at it… You’re welcome.

What one beauty product are you most obsessed with?

It’s a concealer. It’s my favourite make up product. No matter how pretty your eye make up is or how sexy your lip is, if your skin is not in place, you don’t look pretty. Foundation is important but spot concealing is a technique that allows you to conceal your weakness and play up your strengths.

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What’s the best makeup tip you’ve picked up?

I usually put on concealer before I put on foundation. There tend to be more discoloration around your eyes and mouth, and I cover those discoloured areas using concealers that match your original skin tone. After that, I cover the areas with brighter foundation. You will realise it covers your face more clearly that way. If you want more, search my channel!

Is there one particular makeup look that you think suits everyone?

You can take a look at the #GetReadyWithMe fan meet-up! The GRWM series usually showcase my daily makeup routine, and there are a lot of semi-smokey eye makeup looks you can apply on a daily basis. They look great on anybody.

What’s your morning beauty routine like?

There’s nothing special. When I wake up, I only use water to wash my face. My skin type is dry so it’s not good to do foam cleansing every time. And then I make sure I supply some moisture with Shu Uemura mist and I finish by thinly applying my La Mer moisturiser. I think La Mer moisturiser is not the best product, considering its price.

And your night beauty routine?

At night, cleansing thoroughly is important. I use Shu Uemura oil cleanser to melt and wipe off my make up, and use Kiehl’s Calendula Foam Cleanser. Just like morning, I use my mist and moisturiser combination before bed.

SSIN K-Beauty Vlogger Shares Beauty Regime and Tips

Do you feel pressure to wear makeup all the time because of your line of work?

Yes. On a normal day, I don’t feel like putting on make-up because it’s my job to do make up. I think it’s one of the disadvantages that come with turning your hobby into a job. I wasn’t like this before, but I get so sick of putting my collection of more than 1000 cosmetic products in order. When I go out, I just put on my sunscreen and draw eyebrows. I wear glasses and don’t put on my contact lens. It’s actually scary that more people recognise me on the street when I go out in this zombie mode.

Where are your favourite beauty spots in Seoul?

Myeongdong or Garosu-gil. Most cosmetic brand shops are in Myeong-dong, and Garosugil has a lot of trendy flagship stores. I don’t have a lot of time for shopping, but when I do go shopping I usually go to Myeongdong because it’s closer to my house.

Why do you think the world is becoming so obsessed with K-Beauty?

Because there are a lot of low-priced but high-quality brands in Korea! I have travelled abroad a lot, but it was hard to find cheap and good quality brands like you do in Korea. I think Korea’s sophisticated pop culture, consumption pattern, and Korean people’s character all do contribute towards the development of the industry.

This interview has been translated from Korean and edited for clarity. Images: SIHYUNHADA
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