You wouldn’t know it by looking at me today, but I’ve had a rocky skincare journey. In high school, I was plagued with terrible acne, which eventually cleared up by the time I entered university only to have my chin sprout vicious hormonal acne at the age of 25. I consulted multiple dermatologists and aestheticians in Melbourne (my then-home) but it wasn’t until I did my routine trip back to Seoul and visited a clinic here that my skin started to heal again.

The truth is, while you may think Koreans are just blessed with perfect skin, having a family dermatologist in Seoul is like having a family doctor—it’s essential. The dermatologists here are some of the best in the world and are equipped with the most advanced technological tools money can buy. If you can’t make a trip over to Korea, you’re in luck—I visited one of the country’s top dermatologists, Dr Lee Kyuyeop of Hushu Clinic, to get his recommendations on five common skincare concerns and how you can start working towards having a complexion like a K-actress’. (Most of these treatments are available in Singapore too!)

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Text: Kelly Im