Keeping your skin healthy and radiant in Singapore is no easy feat. First, there’s dealing with the heat, which can lead to sun damage, clogged pores and breakouts. And then there’s all that city pollution, which can cause oxidative stress, a major cause of skin ageing. To maintain good skin in the face of these factors, Ageless Medi-Aesthetics created the Miracle Defence Facial, CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame Winner for Best Facial for No-filter Skin.

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This 90-minute medical-grade facial fights the signs of ageing from the inside out. It also strengthens the skin’s defensive barrier to shield against environmental aggressors, including damaging blue light from digital devices. The six-step treatment includes skin-loving ingredients like Japanese cedar extract to stimulate skin renewal, and a prebiotic and probiotic ampoule to reduce inflammation, repair sun-damaged skin, and restore skin’s immune system and balance. The facial also includes a Radio Frequency treatment to aid the absorption of the active ingredients, boost skin metabolism, and stimulate collagen production. The result? Skin that’s smoother and more even-toned.

Miracle Defence Facial, $300 for first trial session (U.P. $360 per session) and $1,200 for 4 sessions at Ageless Medi-Aesthetics at #04-10A Wheelock Place.

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Not all fat is the same. There’s subcutaneous fat, the jiggly kind stored just under the skin; and then there’s visceral fat, which is stored around vital organs. It’s the latter you should be really worried about—visceral fat is associated with health issues including diabetes and stroke. While a healthy lifestyle is key to fend off visceral fat, you can aid the process with REDUstim, a 45-minute treatment that helps to get rid of excess abdominal fat. The best part? It’s completely painless with no downtime.

REDUstim ageless medi aesthetics

REDUstim, $99 for first trial session (U.P. $250 per session) and $2,400 for 12 sessions at Ageless Medi-Aesthetics.

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