You’ve heard of derma rollers and mirco needling that use tiny needles to help products penetrate the skin better so you see results faster. Now meet needle patches: skincare patches which come with tiny spikes on one end so that when applied onto the skin, they push active ingredients deeper into the skin without actually being invasive. These tiny needles are usually made with soluble ingredients so that they can be completely absorbed into the skin over time while releasing specific active ingredients to target skin conditions like breakouts and fine lines.

From the moment you apply these patches onto your skin, the tiny needles first make miniscule openings into your skin surface to facilitate optimal penetration of active ingredients. And as they start to dissolve, these active skincare ingredients then get absorbed by skin cells for their desired effect. Here, the best needle patches to try, regardless of whether you need to calm breakouts or plump wrinkles.

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Image: Unsplash

Text: Joyce Cheo