The Koreans may swear by the 10-step skincare routine, but for us Singaporeans, our hot and humid climate makes it hard to commit to a multi-step regime. After all, when the temperature hangs out at an average of almost 30 degrees Celsius and humidity tips an average of 80 per cent, it can be hard to layer skincare products at all without the least bit of ickiness. Although the high humidity level means our skin tends not to become dry as easily as in colder and more arid climates, it does make us more susceptible to over-active sebum glands.

And the last thing anyone with a shine-prone complexion wants is multiple layer of rich and sticky skincare products. Which is why many people with oily skin avoid moisturisers or anything that feels rich altogether, only to make matters worse because your skin reacts by overcompensating and producing too much sebum to keep it hydrated on the surface. The solution? Opting for lightweight, non-sticky products that not only deliver all the skin-loving benefits of active ingredients it contains without the greasiness and stickiness associated with rich-textured products. Whether your main skincare concern is fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, loss of elasticity or sensitivity, here are the best non-sticky serums that are absorbed quickly into the skin, making them excellent choices for those with oily skin or anyone who prefer something lightweight.

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