You may not have considered longevity to be a beauty goal but you might after getting acquainted with Chanel’s latest skincare offering, Blue Serum. Inspired by the world’s Blue Zones (geographic areas where people live longer, such as Costa Rica, Sardinia, Greece and Japan), it’s a whole new holistic approach to healthy skin.

Why Blue Zones? An in-depth study of the inhabitants of these territories reveal that the secret to living a long life is a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, good stress management and a culture of social bonding. Chanel Research cross-referenced its data on skin ageing with the latest studies carried out on the inhabitants of Blue Zones and came up with Blue Serum, which works to improve 1) cellular energy, which is comparable to daily physical exercise, 2) cellular metabolism, which is as important as a balanced diet, 3) the ability to adapt to cellular stress, essential while facing the onslaught of daily life and 4) intercellular communication, which is essential for overall skin wellness.

Just so you know, Chanel Blue Serum is not so much about fighting the signs of ageing, but rather about keeping the skin healthy and youthful longer. What’s more, it’s a cross-range skincare product that’s suitable for all skin types and is compatible with all other skincare products. With regular use, you can expect smoother, firmer, plumper and more even skin.

But that’s not all, Chanel Blue Serum can be integrated into any skincare rituals; on its own before a cream or as a complement to another serum. But as a general rule of thumb, for users who wish to use two serums, the serum with the lighter texture should be applied first.

Here are five ways to pair Chanel serums.

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Text: Cynthia Chew

Images: Chanel