What’s the holy grail of good skin? Radiant skin that reflects light and looks super glowy, smooth and healthy. Not everyone is born with it, though. Most of the time, it takes a little bit of work, and that’s okay. Here’s our cheat sheet for nabbing that supernatural glow.


Dead skin is the enemy of glow. Our skin is constantly regenerating, which means dead skin cells naturally pile up on the top layer of our skin. To keep our skin healthy (and glowy), it’s important to get rid of the dead skin buildup once in a while. Whether you use chemical or physical exfoliants, exfoliation should definitely be part of your weekly routine. Alternatively, use a light acid toner like the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, $40, every other day to keep the dullness at bay.

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Try the “moisture sandwich” method

One of our favourite beauty bloggers from across the causeway – Paris B of My Women Stuff – has this skincare trick that will definitely up your glow. It’s called the moisture sandwich and basically involves layering a hydrating mist or essence (read this if you need help figuring out what that is) in between each step of your skincare routine. We like the Orbis Aquaforce Lotion L, $27, orbis.sg, because its oil-free formula makes this method suitable even for those prone to oily skin.

What you do is you cleanse, mist, apply serum, mist again, then apply moisturiser. (And maybe mist one more time if you’re super dehydrated!) Yes, it’s extra time and effort, but most good things in life don’t come easy. Your skin will stay hydrated, soft and radiant all day long, even in the Antarctic climate of your office. Boom.

Use a glow-getting primer

Who has time for primer? We’re guilty of often skipping this step of prep, but on days where you really want your skin to have an ethereal glow, it’s worth it. Unlike highlighter, the light-reflecting properties of a glowy primer like the HERA Magic Starter SPF25/PA++ will add dewy glimmer – not shimmer – to your whole face.

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Add luminizer to your foundation

Or if you really hate having lots of layers on your skin, try adding a few drops of luminizer or liquid highlighter to your foundation before applying it to your face. Some brands even make products that are specifically designed to be added to foundation – Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops, $65, are an OG of this category. But a light-textured liquid highlighter – like the NARS Orgasm Liquid Highlighter, $52 – will also do the trick.

Highlight to high heaven!

And of course, the most straightforward way of adding a blinding glow to your look is to play with highlighter. Whether you like a very obvious sparkle with bigger glitter particles, or you prefer a beam of radiance via finely milled shimmer, highlighter is the easiest way to get your glow on. Don’t overdo it, stick to the tops of your cheekbones, the tip of the nose, and the cupid’s bow for a knockout, no-filter-needed glow. The one we are craving right now is Stila’s Heaven’s Hue Highlighter, $45, which has a creamy, jelly-like texture that blends beautifully into the skin for a hit of brilliance.

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