Japan is known for many things, especially its unique juxtaposition of traditional crafts with modern pop culture. So it’s not surprising that Japanese skincare giant SK-II rides on this concept with their newest limited edition SK-II Facial Treatment Essence that is packed with the goodness of PITERA™.

SK-II facial treatment essence limited edition pitera essence manga mixed reality music Fantasista Utramaro

The new designs fuse manga-inspired elements with mixed reality and music, giving an unexpected twist to the legend of PITERA™ and topping our list of must-haves for the festive season.

Fantasista Utamaro Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition

This year, SK-II—best known for their PITERA™ Essence, which has helped women around the world achieve Crystal Clear Skin—has tied up with Brooklyn-based Japanese artist Fantasista Utamaro to dress the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence bottles in a special manga-inspired design.


Fantasista’s signature style of mixing traditional Japanese patterns with ultra-pop and technicolour sensibilities are seen on the three limited-edition designs for SK-II, exuding an explosive energy and oozing positivity. The artwork is brought to life when combined with Japanese “virtual human” imma and John Legend’s “Oh PITERA” song remix.

The Legend Of SK-II PITERA™  

These handcrafted manga designs on the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence bottles are reminiscent of the artisanal manner in which sake brewers produce the traditional Japanese liquor.

The story of PITERA™ started in a sake brewery in Japan, where a chance observation of how an old toji’s (master brewer) youthful-looking hands were a stark contrast to his wrinkled face led to the creation of SK-II’s signature ingredient.

PITERATM is derived from a special yeast strain exclusive to SK-II and is packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are essential to skin health. The best way to reap its power is to pat in the watery essence at the start of your skincare routine, just as Chloë Moretz did when she reviewed the Facial Treatment Essence, keeping your skin hydrated, regulating sebum production and even out skin tone so you can achieve crystal clear skin.

Want to be a part of this eclectic blend of music, mixed reality and manga? Get ready because these limited edition bottles will hit SK-II counters near you on November 1, and will probably sell out!

– Brought to you in collaboration with SK-II –