night-skincare-sleeping-masks-Laneige-Water-Sleeping-Mask-CLEO-Beauty-Hall-of-Fame-2018Brought to you by LANEIGE
Beauty sleep is not a myth. You actually do wake up with skin that looks brighter and feels smoother and softer when you get a full seven-plus hours of sleep. That’s because while you sleep, your skin repairs itself from damage caused by external factors. But given our hectic work and social schedules, a good (full) night’s sleep is hard to squeeze in, leaving skin looking dull and tired. It only makes sense to power up this renewal process with a great sleeping mask. All you have to do is slather it on before bed, and it goes to work as you sleep. No fuss, no mess.

One such mask is the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask – it’s so good, it won Most Hydrating Mask in the CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2018.

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LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, $42

The K-Beauty cult favourite is loved for its ability to restore radiance and deliver plump, chok-chok skin even if you’ve stayed up all night binge-watching your favourite dramas. Its secret? Sleeptox technology, comprising antioxidant-rich Hunza Apricot extract that encourages the removal of impurities, and Evening Primrose root extract to help discharge any contaminants accumulated through the day. A breathable film of moisture-rich beta-glucan – called Moisture Wrap – further stabilises the active ingredients so you get a continuous delivery of these ingredients the entire time you’re asleep. What’s more, the mask has a soothing scent that’s a calming blend of orange flower, rose, ylang ylang, and sandalwood oil. There’s also a lavender-scented option to ensure you’re completely relaxed.

Keep your skin glowing and healthy even when you haven’t got enough sleep with these masks.