The concept of a powder wash may be foreign to some people, especially those who have been using gel or foaming face cleansers all their lives. And despite resembling your washing machine detergent, a powder wash is nothing like it. As the name suggests, a facial powder wash is meant to be used in place of your regular cleanser. Pour a small amount of product onto damp hands, mix it with water and lather, then apply it onto a damp face.

The good thing about a facial powder wash is that it’s “customisable”. Mix it with more water for a gentler wash, or use less water for a stronger scrub. If you have dry skin, try mixing the powder wash with an oil cleanser for a nourishing scrub.

But that’s not all. Here are the benefits of a powder wash, which explains why its popularity.

It’s suitable for sensitive skin

Anyone with sensitive skin can understand the pain of looking for new cleansers—you need something that won’t leave you looking like you scrubbed your skin off after a simple wash. The good news is, powder cleansers foam up to a creamy texture, which cleanses sensitive skin gently without irritating it.

It’s great for travelling

It’s always a chore to pack liquids when you travel, especially when you have to transfer them into travel-sized bottles and run the risk of a leakage. A powder wash, however, is easy to pack, whether you’re bringing it in your check-in luggage or on the flight. You don’t even have to put it in a Ziploc since it’s not a liquid item!

It’s also an exfoliator

The great thing about a powder wash is that it doubles up as an exfoliator to slough away dead skin cells. Some of them contain enzymes that help to break down dead skin cells to leave your skin smooth. Depending on your skin type, it’s best to use a powder wash one to four times a week to keep your skin clear and smooth.

It doesn’t dry out your skin

Most powder washes contain moisturising ingredients that leave your skin moisturised after cleansing, so you won’t get that “tight”, overly dry feeling post-cleanse. For example, ORBIS Powder Wash + purportedly injects moisture into the skin with its moisturising ingredients, which include collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract.

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Here are some other powder washes to consider adding to your skincare routine.

Text: Hidayah Idris, Engracia Ang
Images:, ORBIS