Unless you’re lucky enough to have inherited good skin genes from your parents, you’d know that getting clear skin is no easy feat. Following a strict skincare regime is one thing, but finding the right products to use in the regime is another. We understand how painful it is, which is why we’ve done the legwork (and face-work) for you by trying out products for CLEO Clear Skin Awards. Here are the winners in each category.

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Oily skin

You have large pores and your face always looks like an oil slick if you don’t blot it for a few hours. You can’t use makeup with dewy finish because they just slide off your skin. You might like these products to restore the oil-water balance in your skin.


Normal skin

Ugh, lucky you, you got the least problematic skin type. Your oil-water balance is great even with minimal effort, so all you really need is maintenance to ensure you don’t upset the balance and f— up your skin. These products might help.


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Dry skin

To say that your skin is like the Sahara desert is not an overstatement. It feels tight, as it lacks moisture. You need moisture-replenishing products to get your skin balance right. Try these products.

City skin

Let’s be real—all of us who live in Singapore have city skin (unless you live in Pulau Ubin where the air is fresher). Our skin is constantly bombarded by pollutants and environmental aggressors, so show it some TLC by giving it the protection and recovery it needs.




You are prone to getting clogged pores, which usually develop into pustules and pimples. You need to be super careful about the products you put on your face so as to not aggravate your skin condition. You might want to try these products.

Sensitive skin

You are choosy when it comes to skincare and makeup products, but that’s because you need to be. Your skin is prone to inflammation and breakouts when not treated the right way, so be careful about what you put on your face. These products are great for sensitive skin.


So you’ve got your skincare regime down-pat, but don’t forget what’s inside matters as well. We’re not only talking about your character, but also gut health. These supplements work from the inside to give you the skin you want.


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