It’s all fun and games when you’re on your winter vacation until your skin starts to feel tight, and you notice flakes where your skin is usually plump and greasy. It gets especially ugly if you have very dry skin like me.

I experienced that when I was in Japan last week for a short holiday and my skin got really tight and uncomfortable. The creams that are heavy for me in Singapore didn’t quite work for me there. 

heavy moisturisers winter

This is because regardless of skin type, travelling to a colder climate with relatively lower levels of humidity will cause your skin to feel uncomfortable. Your light daily moisturiser that worked just fine in Singapore’s tropical weather just won’t cut it and you find yourself reaching out for a heavier, richer-textured moisturiser. So whether you’re skiing in Niseko or trekking in Nepal, here are nine moisturisers that will keep your skin nourished and comfortable.

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