If there’s one thing anyone suffering from acne wants, it’s to tackle breakouts gently, yet effectively. Often, acne creams or spot treatments are packed with harsh ingredients that, while treating acne, can also dry out the skin and cause peeling and inflammation.

The Znique Acne Serum is formulated with natural ingredients that make it gentle on the skin. Packed with chamomile extract, sage leaves and patented AQPRUFINE®, it helps to reduce redness, calm inflammation and soothe irritated skin. It’s also free of benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and sulphur, which are commonly used to treat acne and cause skin to dry out, peel and get inflamed.

When applied to affected areas, the clear, gel-like formula is quickly absorbed to treat and prevent further breakouts by reducing acne-causing bacteria on the skin. In just a few days, you can say hello to clear skin.

Znique Acne Serum, $26