It’s smart, neat and it keeps your hair away from your face. Slicked back hair is the new trend we’re crazy about, and it’s really not that difficult to achieve it. Here are some tricks you need to know to look super polished with this chic ‘do.

Starting off
It’s worth investing in a smoothing shampoo and conditioner if you plan on creating a sleek ‘do that’ll last. The same goes with smoothing product. If you have thick locks, comb your chosen brand through damp hair from scalp to tip. For fine hair, only apply it from mid-lengths to ends, as smoothing product often contains silicone, which can weigh hair down.

Use the right tools
Any kinks, cowlicks or curls need to be dealt with before you reach for your hair pins. Section hair into four parts, and then, using a comb, follow with a hair straightener to guarantee super-straight strands.

Condition matters
It’s important to make sure your hair is healthy before styling it. Book a hair treatment session at a salon and use a hair mask religiously.

Trade tricks
“The secret to getting that polished look begins with gel. Smear it over the top layers of the hair before combing it back into a bun. This gives a beautiful sheen. For added glamour, try a low side part, which looks more sophisticated than a scraped-back ponytail,” said Jon Pulitano, creative director at Headcase Hair in Sydney.

Image: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Rachael Mannell