When it comes to hair removal, I’m Team IPL. I mean, if I’m going to have body hair removed, I might as well strive for permanent results.

But even with IPL, there are pesky clusters of hair that just don’t go away. So I shave between my sessions, which take place every six weeks. My therapist isn’t a fan of this practice because shaving can interfere with the results, but ain’t nobody (me) walking around with weird little hairs.

Shaving is convenient, but it’s given me lots of ingrown hairs. I’ve also nicked myself with a brand new razor blade one too many times, especially at the knees (how tricky is that area?!)

So when I heard about sugaring—an all-natural hair removal method a gentler alternative to waxing—I was excited to give it a go. It involves using a paste of sugar, water and lemon to remove hair, and is gentle enough for people with eczema and psoriasis.

The service is currently available at Sugar(ed), which opened its doors in Bukit Timah just last year and recently established a second outlet in Katong. I quickly made an appointment with the founder and master educator, Jasmine Yong, to remove hair off my legs and do a Brazilian.

And if you’re wondering, Jasmine has actually been sugaring a long time—she was operating a home-based studio for a couple of years before opening her outlets. So, yes, very experienced.

Scroll the gallery to find out how my sugaring experience went.

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And in the name of take extra care of the area around my lady bits, I returned two weeks later to Sugar(ed) for a (V)acial—a facial for the area around the vagina (how cute is that name tho?)

Just like an ordinary facial, the 30-minute treatment is all about pampering the skin. And let’s admit it: it probably is necessary once in a while since most of us never ever give the area down there some TLC.

A (V)acial should be done between sugaring sessions and comprises six steps: cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction (of ingrown hairs), mud masking and moisturising. It’s really to soften the skin to facilitate better hair growth so that there will be lesser ingrown hairs.

I only had one ingrown hair to be tweezed out, and my treatment was relaxing yet swift. If you don’t know how soft and supple the skin around your bikini area can be, you’ve got to give this one a go. Besides, bae would probably be reeeally impressed too.

A (V)acial is usually priced at $38 but there’s a 20 per cent discount that runs till the end of November.

With all there is to love about sugaring, I no longer want to shave off my wild hairs every other week. Ingrown hairs be damned! This sweet treat is just the addition I need to add to my routine.

Sugar(ed) is located at Bukit Timah and Katong. For more information, visit their website here