The thing about wanting hydrated skin is this: By mid-day, our skin can feel a little dry and dehydrated. But we can’t apply twice the amount to make it last through the day. (Hello? We want our skin to glow, not look like an oil rig.) And it’s near impossible to put on another layer of moisturiser mid-day without ruining our makeup. If the beauty gods can create foundation that lasts all day, then why is it so difficult to create a moisturiser that will provide our skin with hydration round the clock?

Well, 24 hours of hydration sounds a little too good to be true, but Philosophy’s latest moisturiser Renewed Hope in a Jar, does promise hydration that will last all day and a glow that won’t fade over the day. (THANK YOU GOD *praying emoji*) And apparently, the trick lies in using three different kinds of alpha hydroxyl acids with different molecule sizes. That way, the molecules get to work through the layers of the skin slowly but surely, ensuring continuous hydration.

What it is: Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar

What it does: Hydrates with three forms of hyaluronate, gently exfoliates with a triple blend of alpha hydroxyl acids, and brightens with natural fruit extracts

How it looks/feels/smells: The moisturiser comes in a tub and it feels like I’m scooping out dollops of cooling sorbet. It’s lightweight in texture and is easily absorbed into skin, so there’s no sticky, oily after feel, or

Why we like it: HOLY GLOW-CAMOLE. First of all, the moisturiser doesn’t feel heavy on your skin, which is a good thing because oily moisturisers can get really unforgiving in warm, humid climates. But here’s why we’re so impressed – you get to really see a glow on your skin, almost like the one where you emerge from your facial. And it’s not that kind of glow that’s created by the oily sheen either. The glow comes from within, as the moisturiser sloughs off all the dead cells, thanks to the blend of alpha hydroxyl acids that gently removes all debris. So that double action of hydration and exfoliation really does smoothen out fine lines and brightening dull skin as well. 

And how does it hold up in the cold weather? The harsh, chilling winds can strip your skin of any moisture and that’s when your face really starts to flake and worse, crack. But when tested on 15-degree winds over in Hong Kong in April, the moisturiser really held up their end of the deal. There was no flaky, dry skin, no redness or irritation, and most of all, there was still an overall glow.

Miracle? Not really. Just pure science at work.

Image: tomwang /
Text: Natalie Pang