Tried and Tested: 4 Types Of Eyelash Extensions

Lashes can transform your whole appearance. Those who are looking for a no-makeup finish would opt for a translucent mascara or a swipe of black mascara. Those who want a dramatic finish often go for falsies.

However, false lashes are a hassle to put on and a good number of us could do with a little help in the lash department. Lash extensions have made it possible for girls to truly go “I woke up like this”. We’ve round up our go-to places for killer lash extensions.



Best for… Their individual lash extensions that are a favourite among brides-to-be.

Made of… Synthetic silk lashes from Japan.

The process… gives you full reign in choosing exactly the length and shape you prefer, be it the “girl-next-door” type that offers a soft, subtle definition or a “classic vintage” type that gives a fuller, more fluttery look. You can opt for a mix of lash lengths to create the illusion of being naturally blessed in the lash department. Here, you can customize almost every detail, even the amount of curl to best enhance your eyes. Fret not if you have sparse lashes and want MORE, they offer 3D lash extensions called “Late Lash Bloomer” that attaches 3 fine lashes to your original lash.

Set aside… An hour to an hour and a half. The ladies at Flutters are super speedy.

They lasted… more than a month though some longer strands fell out. Touch ups are recommended after 3 weeks, just to fill in any bald-spots. Despite that, the lash line stayed dark and defined the whole time.

It costs… $115 for the Classic Vintage Beauty Individual Lash Extensions (60 lashes per eye).

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