Up until the age of 25, I’ve never actually worried about how my vagina looks. Sure, I wax or trim down there, but beyond that, the aesthetics of my vagina isn’t something that really crosses my mind.

That is, until I learned of STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment. Recommended as a post-wax or IPL treatment, this is basically a facial for your lady bits that promises to “firm, lift, and restore a rosy glow to your delicates down below”. After reading that, I wondered for the first time in my life if I had a saggy vagina, and mentally added it my “Why Is It So Hard To Be A Girl” list. Here’s how the treatment went.

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I first had a normal Brazilian wax. “Wah, you have quite a few ingrown hair,” the therapist commented. But this is on me – I got lazy and didn’t use an exfoliating scrub on my nether regions after my last couple of waxing sessions.

After the waxing session, a machine was brought in. This treatment uses Thermal O2 Technology, which is a combination of radio frequency, vacuum suction, and heat, on your vagina. Apparently this increases your collagen production down there, which helps to firm up the area and smoothen any wrinkles. The heat and suctioning helps to improve circulation, giving the area a natural blush.


The therapist placed the applicator on my labia and moved it in an upwards motion. The applicator was sucking, slightly vibrating, and emanating heat all at once while my legs were spread apart. This definitely took some getting used to, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either – it actually felt quite relaxing once you’re used to that strange sensation. After 10 minutes on my left side, the therapist switched over to the right side. She didn’t make any adjustments to the settings, but when the applicator made contact with my bare skin, I actually yelped because it hurt – which was strange, considering that I felt all right when she was doing the left side of my vagina. The therapist explained that it could be because I’m more sensitive on this side for some reason, and told me that this has never happened before. She lowered the settings and tried again. It was all right after, except that the area still felt a little sensitive and sore.


After we were done with the machine, a hydrating mask was applied to soothe the area. While it was doing its thing, the therapist used the same machine on my tummy for 10 minutes – apparently it can help to firm and tone tummy flabs too. I appreciated this add-on.

So – did I see a difference?

To be honest, a saggy vagina is not a concern that most of us in our 20s have. Besides, it’s recommended that you do eight sessions, each administered two to four weeks apart to really see a difference. However, I noticed that the area did look smoother, and I have less ingrown hairs after that session. I was also surprised to find that my labia actually looked brighter.

With that said, the aesthetics of my vagina still ranks very low on my list of priorities. And it’s interesting to note that the fellas don’t have the same range of options for genital beautification services. But admittedly, it did feel like a nice pampering treat – just like going to a spa… only this is for my vagina.

STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation is available at selected STRIP outlets (Paragon and Wheelock), and is priced at $250 for 40mins. For more information, visit www.strip.com.sg.