Wrinkles: the one word that can make women worldwide shudder in unison. The key to avoiding these little enemies? SPF. More than 90 percent of visible changes commonly attributed to skin ageing are caused by the sun, so be sure to slip, slop, slap. “Also avoid excessive drinking,” says Dr Philippa McCaffery from Clearskincare.

And make sure you don’t start using anti-ageing products until it’s absolutely necessary; the first lines start to appear when the skin is at rest. “The number one skin must-have anti-ageing product is vitamin A, either in its cosmetic form, retinol or in prescription form, tretinonin,” says Dr McCaffery.

If you’ve spotted the first sign of aging, try these products:

ALGENIST Retinol Firming And Lifting Serum (30ml), $138, Sephora

Collagen Serum, $59.81, Skin Inc

Time Freeze Essence, LANEIGE

Le Lift Massage Mask, Chanel

Image: My Make OU / 123RF.com
Text: Natalie Babic