Which Shade Of Blonde Is Suitable For Your Skin Tone?

Blondes have more fun. At least we’d like to think so. While dyeing one’s hair blonde has been trendy since 1999 (well, actually way before that), most people commit the mistake of picking the wrong shade. There’s no one-shade-for-all when it comes to blond hair. It all depends on your skin tone. But the good news is, there is a blond for every skin tone. Here’s a quick guide.

If you have tanned skin
Go for: Vanilla Blonde
Go lighter till you reach a near-white shade of blonde; it will create a beautiful contrast against your olive skin tone.

Avoid: Platinum Blonde
This cool shade of blonde doesn’t do any favours for your tanned skin and is a jarring contrast. It can also make you look older. Marilyn Yee, Colour Technician from Essensuals Star Vista says, “Reserve this shade for those with a fair complexion instead.”

If you have fair skin with a pink undertone
Go for: Gold Blonde
If you’re fair, go for a bright yet subdued shade of blonde (think honey and butterscotch) and you’ll exude an air of grace. Note: warm shades always help balance the “coolness” in your complexion.

Avoid: Ice Blonde
Yikes. You don’t really want your hair to blend in with your skin colour do you? “Cool blonde shades tend to make those with fair skin look pale and older,” says Marilyn.

If you have fair skin with a yellow undertone
Go for: Ash Blonde
Yellow on yellow is always tricky, so you might want to try a darker shade of blonde with brown ombre tips.

Avoid: Beige Blonde
“This shade washes [you] out, exaggerates the yellowness of the skin tone and make [you] look ill,” says Marilyn. Ouch. And piling on foundation to make yourself look fairer won’t change this mismatched pairing.

Image: Kaspars Grinvalds / 123RF.com
Text: Natalie Pang
Additional text: Hidayah Idris

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