Why You Shouldn’t Stick To Just One Scent

Scents can do wonders. They not only perk your senses up, but can alleviate stress and improve mental health. But instead of sticking to just one scent, experiment with different ones at different times of the day to bring out the best in you.

From 9am to 12pm
What you should smell: Citrusy fragrances
Did you know that a boost of vitamin C can wake you up more effectively than caffeine? It works the same for citrus scents, be it grapefruit or orange. The tanginess of the scent awakens the senses and the mind, giving you a refreshed slate to work with. A 1995 study in the Japanese Journal of Psychopharmacology revealed that citrus fragrances induced calm behaviour in mice. Our suggestion? Get an all-round body spray that isn’t too overpowering, but enough to perk you up.

From 12pm to 3pm
What you should smell: Peppermint
Beware the food coma! It’s about to reduce your productivity. A great counter to the post-lunch slump is a whiff of peppermint to invigorate the senses and sharpen the mind. A study by the Wheeling Jesuit University discovered that smelling peppermint leaves could lead to lessened anxiety, greater cognitive stamina, overall performance and motivation. Get a diffuser, place it in the office, and you’re sorted. If your colleagues hate the smell, sip on peppermint-infused water. You’ll get the refreshing scent, and taste!

From 6pm to 9pm
What you should smell: Jasmine
This bloom (only in its purest form, not mixed with other scents) has the ability to create a sense of alertness, while relaxing your muscles at the same time. The result? The ability to indulge in your end-of-day activities in a completely rested state. Some fans of the flower have also vouched that it helps ward off depressive thoughts and feelings. What we like is that it’s easily available in the tropics, so just grab a handful of fresh jasmine blooms from your nearest market, place them on your bedside table, turn on some music and sleep easy.

From 3pm to 6pm
What you should smell: Pine
There’s a reason why many vacation homes are surrounded by pine – it’s great for your mood. Pine scents are known to provide an anti-anxiety effect by decreasing stress levels and increasing your overall sense of wellbeing. A study by Japan’s Kyoto University in which 498 participants walked through a pine forest showed that the volunteers had a greater feeling of relaxation after versus before entering the forest. Placebo effect? Find out for yourself by getting some pine-scented reed diffusers, pronto.

Image: Sergey Khamidulin / 123RF.com
Text: Alicia Nikkolette Lee

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