Everyone knows that 3.30pm on a working day is like the most hellish time to be alive. You’re still hours away from clocking off, and your post-lunch food coma is kicking in riiiight about… now. 

Everyone also knows the Wednesdays are the worst working days of the whole week. The joys of Sunday were two whole days ago! And your TGIF plans are another two, interminable days from now. There’s a reason why they call Wednesdays hump days. 

So it makes sense for 3.30pm on Wednesdays to be the most sian and stressful hour of the entire week. But researchers are also suggesting that because of this, it’s the time of week that women actually look the oldest

At CLEO, we are very interested in how we can look younger without even trying, so then we thought – hey, if this is true, maybe that means maybe we can avoid looking older by never selfie-ing ourselves on a Wednesday at 3.30pm.

To put the theory to the test, we did the obvious – we took selfies of ourselves on a Wednesday, at exactly 3.30pm. 

For comparison, we took a second selfie the next day at the same time. The selfies were taken in the same locations (our office chairs), and we were wearing the same makeup in both shots.

Here’s how it went: 



*                    *                    *                    *

The verdict: 

We’re not going to say there is zero truth to this theory. We both felt more tired on the Wednesday, as compared to the day after. However, when it comes to taking selfies, certain things should also be factored in, like lighting, hair, and a flattering angle. If you play around with those things enough, you can certainly affect the outcome of any selfie-taking endeavour, regardless of how tired you look IRL. This was a fun exercise, but basically, the golden rule for taking selfies is to snap whenever you’re feeling your look, just as insta-queen Miley Cyrus does. Chances are, it won’t be on a Wednesday at 3.30pm, that’s all. 


Text: Kit Chua
Thumbnail image: Instagram/@mileycyrus
Banner image: Antonion Guillem/123rf.com