Image: TPG/Clickphotos

You read that right. Kanye West just filed for a trademark on Yeezy beauty sparking speculation that he might soon be adding beauty products to the Yeezy line up.

The trademark covers moisturisers, facial masks, bath gels, body oils, makeup, false eyelashes, nail polish, shaving cream, hair care products and perfumes. It is also said to cover toothpaste, deodorant, scented pine cones and aromatherapy pillows.

The music and fashion mogul has been using Yeezy as the label for his fashion and trainers launched in partnership with Adidas in 2015. The partnership has proved so successful, Ye recently achieved billionaire status, according to a Forbes report.   

Kanye seems set to join the growing family beauty business that includes KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin. But this isn’t the first time the rapper has filed for a beauty related trademark. Back in 2017 he filed for a trademark on Donda cosmetics (named after his late mother), for similar products, but nothing came to fruition.   

Images: TPG/Clickphotos